20200326 3

42XX made it to Japan!

Welcome to Japan


Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019!

JA42XC oil change

Oil and filter change

Off comes the engine cowling

Bekkai Flight Park

Bekkai Flight Park

Located in Eastern Hokkaido, Bekkai has a wonderful grass strip!

Takikawa gliders

Takikawa Skypark

Saying hi to Takikawa's gliding community

Rishiri departure

Rishiri and Rebun Islands

With easy fly-in access, the islands off Hokkaido's Northern tip are a must see.


First flight

JA42XC receives airworthiness approval and makes first flight.

JA42XC assembly

JA42XC assembly

JA42XC comes together at Bibai Sky Park.

XCub Tomakomai

XCub JA42XC arrives in Hokkaido

JA42XC the first XCub to arrive in Japan.